Saturday, 3 October 2015

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My Saturday morning before I start the last day of my resort ambassador job. Organic granola with almonds, flaxseeds and rice milk, a beetroot, apple, orange and carrot juice and the new issue of natural health magazine ‪#‎breakfast‬ ‪#‎healthy‬ ‪#‎juice‬ ‪#‎juicing‬ ‪#‎naturalliving‬ ‪#‎beetroot‬ ‪#‎flaxseed‬ ‪#‎omega3‬ ‪#‎vegan‬

Friday, 2 October 2015

Torquay trip

We had a wonderful break in Torquay just me and the Mr, first time we have been away for 4 days on our own without children!
It was lovely, such a beautiful part of our country, I would definitely visit again!

We went with National holidays for a 4 day break, we got it at a last minute bargain price of £89, that included all travel, hotel and food. Unfortunately the hotel wasn't very good, there was no veggie options, not even salad and the room needed redecorating, but it was in a god location, a few minutes from the prom which had amazing sunsets and for the price it was an OK place to sleep.

We made the most of the all day bus tickets and went all over the coast, rode on a steam train, went on the ferry and saw a dolphin in the sea, we also had a sunset walk at Babbacombe and saw a seal who comes right up to the harbour wall for a chat!

I would love to go again, the weather was beautiful and it rekindled our loving side to our relationship, which is sometimes hard when you have children, animals and jobs to do x

5 ways to tell if you were brought up by hippies

Check this out by Hippy Bloggers to see if you were brought up by hippies:
Were you raised by hippies? If so you might recognize some of these signs from your childhood. You probably have your own special stories related to your childhood, some of these tell your entire life story, and some of these don’t even touch the surface. Either way, take a look and reminisce about your childhood, which was probably a simpler time filled with flowers and kale.

1. You didn’t have a TV growing up

The other kids usually talked about the latest episode of the hit sit-com that they would watch with their family from the night before, and you would be talking about the books that you’ve been reading. Although part of you probably craved to have that TV at the time, odds are now you understand why your parents did it, and you thank them for it.


2. You meditate when you need to figure out your life

Since you were a little kid, you knew how to meditate in a way that worked for you. Not only did your parents encourage you to meditate frequently, they probably nagged you to do it whenever you were stressed or irritable. You probably still do it today, more than you admit to your parents, at least. You know that meditating is one of the best ways to clear your mind, and generally helps you solve the problems in your life.

3. You could live without meat and it wouldn’t impact your life much

When you were growing up, you had a very loose relationship with meat. Either you never ate it, you only ate it at school, or you only had it on special occasions. Regardless, you have lived more of your life dedicated to spinach, tofu and other protein replacements, and you could easily phase meat out of your life.

4. You have old tie dye shirts that you made yourself from back in the day

In the back of your closet, with your boxes of old mementos, sits your old homemade tie dye clothing from that day that your mom came home and said “We’re going to express ourselves today!” and dropped a pile of dyes and white clothing at you and your sibling’s feet.

5. You know that hemp has no limits to its uses

Regardless of what anyone believes about marijuana’s uses, you know that besides that the plant itself has many uses. From clothing material, to soaps and shampoos, to even paper or building materials, and that’s why you don’t understand that it is illegal.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Do you wet yourself when you sneeze?

Let's talk about stress incontinence, something many ladies encounter but don't really talk about because let's face it, wetting yourself when you sneeze or run is a bit embarrassing. The thing is, I think we should talk about these kind of things because when we do, you don't feel so alone. I bought my boys a large trampoline a few summers ago ( at the time I was 35) and I was really excited to have a go on it, happy childhood memories came flooding back to me, until the first bounce. I did a wee, the more I bounced the more I wee'd. I got off and put a pad in some clean knickers, I went back on the trampoline and bounced again, it kept coming, it was embarrassing, I didn't realise the boys had been watching from their window, they said it was gross I wee'd on the trampoline and they didn't want it anymore, I left it up for a while in the vain hope they would go on it but they never did, in the end I gave it away. I was gutted to because I loved the thought of excercising in a fun way, plus rebounding is meant to be really good for you.

When I am walking down the street I have to cross my legs before I sneeze otherwise I wet myself. I try and do those kegel excersise but they make me feel weird. I know there are surgical treatments you can have, but I wouldn't go that far, just yet. After having 3 boys I expected to be a little 'loose' down there but never thought it would come to this.

Research published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that as many as one in three women have one or more embarrassing "down there" issues, including stress incontinence so I am not alone and neither are you! In fact millions of women suffer from it.

Breaking the silence on these taboo subjects will hopefully make us all feel a little more normal and we can support each other by sharing our stories and get help if we need it too. So come on ladies, who is brave enough to share your stories too? x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Honesty and hormones

Somedays I'm really happy and some days I feel sad for no reason, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I feel like running away and starting over. As a mum and a woman I am sure this is how a lot if us feel but we don't share it in case we offend or it makes us feel guilty. It doesn't mean I love my family any less, it doesn't mean I'm not grateful for what I have, it just means I'm human, I have feelings, sometimes hormone bonkers crazy feelings depending on where I am in my cycle. I am trying to learn to live with the ups and downs and realise its ok to feel exactly as I do at any given moment, to acknowledge the feelings and emotions and not act or react to them right then. To wait it out, to go with the flow and just accept it.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The only things growing are weeds and fruit!

Spent another Sunday afternoon at the allotment today, after upgrading from a half plot to full size it's been hard work, there is so much prep to do, the soil is very heavy clay and every time it rains it ends up flooded. Weeds appear overnight and the seeds don't grow!
One thing that is doing well are the fruit trees, if nothing else we will have an abundance of fruit to eat!

The blossom on the apple trees are gorgeous, so delicate and pretty. There are various blossom colours too depending on which type of apple tree they are on. Which I didn't know before getting this plot. 

Today Tom my DH had the job of taking down the poly tunnel frame that was all bent out of shape with the wind and was beyond saving, it's such a shame as the cover is in perfect condition, were hoping to save up to buy a new one. 

I spent the afternoon digging and trying to straighten out a big slope at the top of the patch, the soil was full of plastic, bricks, roots from a tree and rocks, I got cramp in my bum cheek and my shoulders are killing now from digging so much! I planted a load of potatoes in it after clearing the rubbish in the hopes they will improve the soil.

Some buttercups and marigolds have appeared since last week, finally a bit of colour coming through. 

Our watercress is growing abundantly too, it's in a rain butt and has just started to flower, the roots on it are huge! Our chickens love watercress and we have an old fish tank in the garden with it growing in for them. 

Please pray for my seeds to grow and the weeds to piss off! 
Happy gardening!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Mmm smoothies and the tree of life

Post yoga smoothie banana, raspberries, rice milk, wheatgrass powder and baobab powder to make me feel alive!

Baobab is amazing, it's known as the tree of life and is cherished by people across Africa, the naturally occurring fruit powder is rich in vitamin C and minerals: magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and copper which help to revitalise, reduce tiredness and fatigue and support the immune system. We use the organic brand Organic burst for our powders, they are a great etical company who employ at a fair wage lots of families in rural Africa and preserve the natural biodiversity, which is awesome! 
I love smoothies they are like pudding in a glass!